ShareRegion frame on a desktop being shared in Teams

What is it?

ShareRegion is a desktop application for defining a region of a user's screen that can be shared via popular on-line meetings platforms such as Microsoft Teams.  This is very useful for owners of large resolution widescreen or UHD monitors: there's no need to share the entire screen or have the pain of switching the sharing of individual applications.
Using it during your meetings is simple:
ShareRegion frame on startup

Start the ShareRegion application and position it at your chosen location.

Teams application sharing dialog

Select the application sharing facility within your online meeting software and select to share the ShareRegion window.

ShareRegion frame after being shared in Teams

Interact with your application(s) as you would normally during a meeting.  Use the advanced window inside region and window as floating region features to facilitate rapid application switching (see features).

How a meeting attendee sees the shared region of the screen

Meeting attendees will only see the part of your desktop that is within the bounds of the ShareRegion border.


ShareRegion frame can me moved and resized
Move and Resize

Click and drag the control bar to move the region to your desired screen location and resize it by click and dragging the borders.   You can also quickly resize the region border to some well-known resolutions such as Full HD (1920 x 1080).

Change Control Bar Position

The control bar can be moved to either a horizontal (top or bottom) or a vertical (left or right) border orientation.

ShareRegion frame can have the control bar in any position
ShareRegion frame can be any colour
Change Colour

You can change the colour of the control bar and borders so that it stands out against your desktop background/theme.

Show Region Contents While Moving

Meeting attendees will see all content within the region even when you move or resize it.  On some occasions you may wish to prevent parts of your screen from being revealed as you move the frame to a different area.  Deselecting this option from the menu will prevent viewers from seeing this until you have completed the change of position.

ShareRegion frame will present contents even when being moved or resized
ShareRegion frame can converge apps within the region
Add Window Inside Region

Normal use of ShareRegion involves manual positioning of applications with respect to the region borders. This advanced feature allows you to select applications and add them into the region by automatically moving and resizing them so they fill the entire region.  Multiple applications can be added with thumbnails taken for each application.  You can manually bring each added application to view by clicking its thumbnail even after the region or application was moved or resized.  Disconnecting applications will return them to their original location and size.

Add Window as Floating Region

This advanced feature allows you to select an application and have the region border detach itself from the control bar and surround the application's perimeter.  Multiple applications can be controlled and thumbnails are taken for each selected application to aid in identifying them for rapid switching.

ShareRegion frame can undock from control bar and can float around controlled windows